We Are All Children.

The sheer beauty of the human soul never ceases to amaze me. Let us always remember that although we live in adult bodies, and are plagued by seemingly unrelenting responsibilities that come with living a grown up life, we are all just doing the best we can.

When we take away the guise of adulthood, we are all children searching for what every child searches for- love, acceptance, and belonging. And like every child there are times we feel scared and alone. There are times when we just need someone to care for our needs and not expect anything in return. There are times we need to be hugged and reassured.

Let us remember that regardless of the credentials we have acquired, the positions we hold or the external success we have attained, each of us is human first. We are all vulnerable despite how much we try to hide or deny it.

And so, let us each strive to connect with the child within each person we meet. Let us strive to reassure that child, comfort that child and meet that child with unconditional love and acceptance for that child is innocent- only doing the best that he/she knows how to do. The child is in a process of learning, growing and evolving. Let us remember that and we shall practice true compassion, holding at the front of our minds that all behavior is a reflection of love or a reflection of a deep yearning to be lovingly embraced and witnessed by another.

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